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Welcome to The yoga retreat. a Private yoga studio in sandton. Jen offers private Yoga Classes, Life coaching and self development workshops. from time to time, she hosts pprivate Yoga retreats. 

Certified & Accredited With Yoga Alliance International 

Certified & Accredited International Master NLP Life, Health & Career Coach

Yoga & life coaching 

Yoga is an ancient practice which originated in India thousands of years ago. 

In Yoga, people, either alone, or in groups would perform a sequence of movements, controlled breathing exercises, bodily locks, the singing of mantras, and sitting in stillness.  These techniques are applied to form a union with self and others. By creating a daily,weekly or biweekly repetitive practice, the connection with the body, mind, soul & universe deepens, and alters one's life perception of the world and as a result one's life experience.

Beyond the body and spiritual element, Yoga is a science proven to promote good health, flexibility and strength. It lowers blood pressure and decrease stress levels, which has an immediate impact on one's daily life, both inward and outward. 

Life Coaching is something that has been around for centuries. In the old days coaching would have happened around the fire. Wise elders would share their wisdoms and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

The term" it takes a village to raise a child" stems from the old way humans would support one another and receive the support we all need at some point in our lives. 

"Life Coaching" is a modern day term originated in the 80's. It was founded and used to explain the services offered to help people plan their life/financials better. In the last many decades, many influences, philosophies, teachings and mental and psychological discoveries ( NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, EMDR, Hypnosis Therapy etc) have been realised and actualised and translated into coaching methodologies to enable life coaches and mentors to better navigate their patients paths, traumas and challenges in life. 

Life Coaching, if anything, is a phenomenal opportunity to establish a rapport with a suitable fitting life coach - simply to feel supported, to feel you are not alone in your life's challenges, and that you have someone to talk to when you need it.  

Beyond the important comfort element, life coaching is such a great vehicle to help you live the best life possible. Overcome personal obstacles, traumas, confusing situations in life, relationships, career, health etc. Further to help you gain sharp clarity on your life story, your vision for the future, and to help you then actualise these visions, ideas and goals into reality. 

Life coaching sessions are a great medium to hold yourself accountable for living your best life.

When you invest in yourself and you commit to your personal best interest and toward taking yourself seriously, this is when your life starts to take shape.  

This can be done in many ways of course, and working one-one with a life coach is a proven and successful option. 

For Mothers, Young Women, and Teenage Girls, The needs and benefits for my Confidence Life Coaching Practice is better explained on the Life Coaching Page.

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