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Jen Rodd Founder and Owner of
The YOGA Retreat

Peaceful Yoga Studio

The Scoop 

Jen has been practising yoga for 23 years. She has attended classes and retreats all over the world for the last two decades, She is a qualified and internationally certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Coach. She is also a qualified and certified NLP Master Life Coach, She practices as a life coach, presenting group motivational workshops.


Jen was born in South Africa. She Schooled at The Wykeham Collegiate in Natal. She lived in London for eight years early on in her career and Amsterdam for the following eleven years. She has built and run several successful businesses around the world. Namely, Enjen Solutions, a successful award winning Engineering Recruitment Business, based in central London. Jen Rodd hosts a podcast show called Inspirational Interviews. She interviews people from around the world, famous or not, about their life stories.


She's acted in our local sitcom, Scandal! and is currently setting up a very cool Yoga clothing brand called, HOTRODDS. Jen Rodd is passionate about life and the importance of living a true to self life - "being the best version of who you want to be".

The Yoga Retreat is one of her endeavours to help others connect with their truth, find peace and feel good about themselves inside and outside.



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