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Yoga Studio


The YOGA Retreat is a heart felt Yoga Studio & Life Coaching Practice.  We are nestled in the tree tops of Rivonia, Sandton.  Welcome to this beautiful tranquil space where connection with self evolves and grows.

Read about the Life  & Health Coaching, the Traditional Hatha Yoga approach, and the regular Yoga Retreats and weekly Motivational workshops. 

Group Yoga Class


At The YOGA Retreat we offer group yoga classes for children, adults and pensioners. The Yoga Classes are Certified and Accredited Traditional Hatha Classes. We offer Gentle  Hatha Yoga, Power Hatha Yoga, and Yin Yoga Classes are in Groups or Private. Inside the studio or on private or corporate locations


If you are a Teenage Girl, Mother or Younger Woman who is looking for a Life Coach to Help You Figure Things out, Find your Groove, Connect with your own Self Esteem, be reminded of how beautiful and amazing you are, help you reconnect with your authenticity and inner core truth,  find and connect with your inner power and strength,  feel better about your body and your health, live each day with clear intention and purpose - you have come to the right place.

With all these personal elements in check, you are able to live life with more freedom. Living with a sense of freedom will trigger daily happiness. 

Free from negative thinking habits and limiting beliefs. 


You are the Mistress of Your Own Life and Destiny, no matter the current circumstances. Sometimes in life we just need to draw on strength from others around us to help us reconnect with our authentic nature.  


By knowing and truly connecting with our authentic self  - we are able to make better life choices and live with a clearer sense of direction.  Living with clarity and intention everyday gives us a sense of control, and the control gives us daily purpose and connects us with our own life meaning. 

Allowing & Receiving the support from a life coach and other support groups is an invaluable adventure of self discovery and healing. 

Life is not a solo journey.  We are billions of humans who travel the path of life. Wisdoms, adventures and learnings and experiences are supposed to be shared, and spoken about.  Life can be a long journey and for some people its a shorter journey. 

It is a constant experience of self discovery. 

Low self esteem has a profound effect on our life experience.  I


f you have the opportunity to get support along the way. Do it!

Lift yourself up, change the shapes and sizes and angles of how you see the world. 
it's a once in a lifetime journey.  We owe it to ourselves to make it a good one! 


My name is Jen Rodd. 


Jen Rodd is an accredited and certified Master NLP Practitioner, specializing in  Life Coaching, Health & Weight Loss Coaching,  Career Coaching and Motivational Life Coaching. 

First we identify what the core issues are.

Then we move forward by deconstructing exactly who you are by nature.  We use tools to place all the noise and issues aside.


We then empower you with the tools to help you unpack exactly what it is that you need in your life right now. 


Give Jen a call or send a WhatsApp to chat about what might work for you. 

Jen Rodd Life Coach

Yoga Retreats & Weekly Workshops

Jen offers monthly motivational and self development workshops and regular yoga retreats. 

The workshops and the retreats help you connect with yourself, with your truth, your purpose, and to find the peace within.

The Retreats combine, yoga, meditation, the GYST Self Development Program( Get Your Story Straight)  healthy food, and the personal support,  hand hold and guidance of Jen. 

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