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Peaceful Yoga Studio

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Every Yoga Retreat and Motivational Workshop has the same vision for its students. 

Inspire, enable a sense of Inner Peace, Motivate, bring Clarity and Connect each student with their Truth. Jen is a Certified Traditional Hatha Yoga Instructor and a Member of the NLP Society for Master Certified NLP Master Practitioners. She draws from her training and previous years of owning a recruitment business in London to bring these visions into fruition for each one of her students and participants. 

Every Yoga Retreat, Motivational Workshop and Self Development Program is Heart Felt, Fun, Genuine, Peace Giving, Yummy and Rewarding! 

Red Sun Yoga Retreats

Everything you need to know

Hello beautiful souls and yogis, this information below will be useful to read :)

Below outlines all the different retreats and workshops. 

I offers THREE DIFFERENT types of programs. The Signature Two Night Yoga Retreat, The Urban Retreat, and Awaken-the four week program for Mothers. 
Other than the location, every retreat, workshop or program will follow the exact same format at given below. 

The only extra information that will change per program and retreat is:  the date, location & accommodation, cost, and food requirements.  

Awaken Retreat


Itinerary & Information 

Awaken your new truth...(while baby sleeps)
A four week program for mothers
When:once a week for two hours a week over the course of four weeks
30 minutes of yoga & meditation 
90 Minutes GYST - SElf development
Yogi TEa & Snack   

Awaken your truth while baby sleeps. Helping mothers connect with their own truth. Often mothers loose themselves when they have children. They loose touch with their own creativity and energy source. 


Mothers get so wrapped up in their babies world, who then become older children who then become adults, leaving mother stranded when the nest is empty. 


Mother's feel a sense of hopelessness and emptiness through the stages of motherhood.  They once had a job and left that job behind. They once had their own life, and left that life behind too. Even though for the most part its a choice, sometimes and a lot of the time if feels like its not. 

Mothers love their child so much they would do anything in the whole world for him/her. 

The secret is that you can have, and do both.


Your child loves and respects you. Your Child feeds off your creativity and energy source.

If your energy source and supply is low, you child will see and feel this and respond to this and see the world, as this.

If your world shines abundance and joy and inspiration and lightness, your child will feel and grow from this too. 

We want to be an inspiration to our children by working from a place of love in our life. Love for ourselves, Love for others, Love for what we do, Love for our life. 

This four week program is for mothers who feel that niggle to offer something extra to the world, other than pure motherhood.  The course speaks to mothers who are not 100% happy and want to change something but they don't know what. 
This program will help you to address your core truth, assess your values and build your external purpose. 
Connecting you, as the mom, with your child, your truth, your heart and the world as a whole. 

Self Development Workshop

Analysis of the Self

Weekly Workshops for Mothers

Working through magical moment with bums on mats in AWAKEN

Yoga, Freedom in body mind & soul

Freedom in body mind and soul

Artichoke Salad

Eating Healthily in the full day AWAKEN

Yoga for body, mind & Soul

Ready for the Ladies to arrive at The Yoga Retreats, yoga studio in Sandton


Urban Retreat

Itinerary & Information 

LOCATION: In the Studio  
Time: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
COST: R3650.00
Including:Yoga & Life Coaching GYST program
Including Lunch, Snacks & Teas


Give yourself a day to truly connect with yourself again. Get to know yourself at the core, discover who you are and who you want to become. 

Learn about your core values which drive you on a subliminal level without you even realising it. 
This is a full one day intensive self development workshop. 

It will gift you a deep dive into the self. Reconnecting you with your body( through yoga) , your mind ( the GYST program) and the soul (meditation ) 

We live very chaotic lives in Johannesburg, its so imperative that we take the time to step back from everyone and everything once in a while to truly focus on ourselves. 

Signature Yoga Retrea
Soulful Food / Indian or Other, depending on the retreat. 
Guided Heart Energy Meditation
GYST Self Discovery & Emotional Intelligence Certification
Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes
Yoga Nidra 
Subconscious Writing

two night 

Itinerary & Information 


Step away from everyone that you know, and into a safe space, so that you can let go, and rediscover who you truly are. Connect with your body, mind & soul. Discover your core truth.   Allow what feels real to surface and shine. Guided by Jen, a heart warming, intuitive, fun & protective mentor.  

Time for yourself, to rediscover yourself. 



Full Board and Lodging

Access to Facilities available on the location (pools, sauna etc)  

Three Meals a Day

Food is always wholesome, healthy, home made delicious food 

Yummy snacks during and between the self development workshop and yoga program. 


Traditional Hatha Yoga  (soft & advanced depending on the level of students)   

Yin Yoga (relaxing and deeply healing yoga)  

Yoga Nidra ( commonly known as sleep meditative yoga) 

The yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Classes are modified to suite the group.


The GYST Program (Get Your Story Straight)

This is a Self development program which brings clarity, truth and depth into your life. It involves a working in groups, 

COST: includes everything - price changes depending on the location

Yoga Retreats are life changing. They are time for you to be alone but also with others who have no hold on you. They give you the time for you to explore your own body again, to feel how you really feel. 

They give you the time for you to love yourself again, to be free, to be a child again, to feel young again. 

Yoga retreats are time for you to rediscover who you are. 

They allow you the time to change your life.

Yoga Retreats are time just for you to retreat into your mind, body & soul.

Reconnect, Rebalance, Revitalise and Restore. At this two day Healing Yoga Retreat, you will be able to reconnect with inner peace, with yourself, your heart, and with your own authentic power.


Jen Rodd is an internationally trained, certified and accredited ( Yoga Alliance International), traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher and Yoga Coach, an accredited and certified NLP Master Therapist,with original founder of NLP - Richard Bandler (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Jen has over two decades nutritional coaching and weight loss experience, and specializes in helping people find their confidence again, and reconnect with their truth. 

In the two day Healing Retreat, you will:

  • Be enrolled into a beautiful meandering schedule

  • Complete a minimum of three Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes

  • Be guided in Heart Energy Guided Meditations

  • Complete two Evening Yoga Nidra Sessions

  • Complete two days of subconscious writing

  • Complete the (GYST)  "Get Your Story Straight" Program, Founded by Jen Rodd.  GYST is a self development and healing program which encompasses a full schedule of personal analysis and self discovery. Receiving a certificate of completion of the "GYST Certificate for Emotional Intelligence and Self Discovery

  • Eat Ayurvedic and Traditional Indian Food (three meals a day served with tea served in-between)

  • Relax in the Sauna, or Release in the Swimming Pool

This Healing Yoga Retreat is truly an enriching, beautiful, fun and loving retreat. You will feel supported, loved and cared for. 

Ayurvedic and Traditional Indian Food will be served. (Please notify for any allergies) 

At the end of the retreat, you will be, if not in complete alignment with yourself, you will at the very least, feel the most connected with yourself, than you have been in a long while. 

There is never a miracle cure in life, but the time and energy we put into supporting our highest potential, are all the little steps we can take as humans, to make our life feel worthwhile. To get our life back on track,  which naturally like the yin and yang, gets out of balance once in a while.  It's the little steps and actions we take that are the valuable steps which support our highest potential. It is the little actions which we are responsible for, that help bring us back to base where we find the inner peace and self love. It is from this base, where the world will be reflected once again as a safe and hopeful space. 

From this perspective to know, and understand that life is a reflection from within. What we experience in life starts with us. We can't control everything that happens in life, but we can control how we respond to the events that happen in our life. 
Humans will never have all the answers, and as such it's the search that keeps us interested and curious. 
Come and rediscover who you are, reconnect with your inner truth, move your body, discover the power of breath,  and touch base with your heart again.  It is at this point of personal connection, where life is clearer, sharper, more fun, intentional, focused, more energized, more powerful and more meaningful. 

Yoga retreat itinerary