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Terms and conditions

30% of the payment is non-refundable (this secures the booking of the retreat location & chef)

Bookings are not cancellable. With a doctor’s note one can reschedule the booking to another retreat.

The Yoga Retreat has the authority to cancel a participant’s booking with a 70% refund should it feel the participant is unsuitable, unstable, or has not represented him or herself correctly prior to the retreat.

Respect to all the possession’s belonging to the retreat location and or all other participants on the retreat. Failure to do so can result in all costs incurred.

The Yoga Retreat asks that everyone on the retreat respect each other participant. failing to do so can result in the request to leave the retreat.

There are no harmful weapons, substances allowed on the retreat at all. Failing to comply can result in expulsion of the retreat.

Every participant joining the retreat has to have full mobility of his / her body unless otherwise started.

it is the responsibility of the participant to notify The Yoga Retreat of any allergies. as well as to notify the chef ON SITE of any allergies. The Yoga Retreat holds no responsibility for allergic reactions caused by one’s own understanding and ingestion of foods.

The participants are to respect that The Yoga Retreat has a responsibility to host a number of participants on the retreat. There are general verbal rules and requests set in place so that the retreat runs beautifully and smoothly. It is each participants responsibility to adhere to these rules and respect the flow of the retreat. Failure to do so can result in eviction of the retreat.

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